The Asian middle class will soon be 3bn strong – a new generation of tech savvy, aspirational consumers. They’re spending on travel, dining out, gaming and sports like never before.

As their spending power grows, they’re actively seeking out authentic local brands and looking to express their own fashion and style. To meet their desires, a new breed of domestic companies are emerging which are challenging the old established brands.

Halo is closely in touch with this shifting market, constantly looking to identify and invest in the best of these exciting and fast growing companies.


We invest in companies all over the world – provided that they are selling to emerging Asian consumers.

We only invest where management interests are properly aligned with shareholders.

We invest for the long term aiming to hold stocks for at least 5 years.


We look for companies that are actively taking market share – we call them ‘champions’.

These champions must have pricing power.

They must be able to pass on the cost of inflation and protect or increase margins.


We aim to deliver a total return of 8-12% p.a. – gross of fees – achieving this through an investment cycle.

If we see long term potential we’ll look through any short-term volatility in the stock price.

Ultimately it’s believing that in the long term the share price is correlated to earnings growth.